Monday, October 10, 2011

Arriving Fifteen!

This morning we went to the Oakland airport and picked up thirteen new missionaries. They were pretty excited to be here in California and we are very excited to have them here!

New Missionaries!
New Missionaries with Elder Condie and Elder Epps!

Loading the trailer with the luggage.
Here they are one by one:
Sister Erika Aoyama (Provo, UT / Japan)
Elder Jared Burnham (Eureka, NV)
Elder Jonathan Hyde (Bristow, VA) Spanish Speaking
Elder James Meile (Chandler, AZ)
Elder Todd Lloyd (Grace, ID)
Elder Jared Kunz (Montpelier, ID)
Elder Joseph Pearson (Arvada, CO)
Then, we met Sister Ordonez, her parents and her aunt and uncle! It was a sweet 
farewell as they dropped her off!
Sister Hana Uehara (Okinawa, Japan)
Elder Craig Van Wagenen (Eagle, ID)
Elder Spencer Vance (Loveland, OH) Spanish Speaking
Elder Ty Weisenburger (Weston, FL)
Elder Martin Windholz (Woodward, OK)
Sister Diana Ordonez (Santa Ana, CA) Spanish Speaking
Elder Hunter Silvester (Clinton, UT)
With great joy, we welcome Elder Zufelt back! We are so excited to have him serving with us again in Santa Rosa!
Elder Nathan Zufelt (Flagstaff, AZ) Spanish Speaking
To each of our new missionaries we say, "Welcome to the best mission in the world!" We are going to have a wonderful experience serving the people of Northern California together. Let's get to work!

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